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What is a stock held Corporation?

A corporation is a Legal Entity, when you form a Corporation you are giving birth to a legal and separate entity. This legal and separate entity does not have any opinions nor thoughts of it’s own. Further, a corporation is a distinct legal entity, separate and apart from its members, stockholders, directors or officers. Although it is a separate entity, it can act only through its members, officers or agents and cannot have knowledge or belief of any subject independent of the knowledge or belief of its people.

A corporation functions through it’s officers. Stockholders and members of a Corporation do not run a Corporation the Officers do. The existence of the corporation is not affected by the death or bankruptcy of a shareholder or by the transfer of its shares. IT HAS A CONTINUOUS EXISTENCE. IT IS IMMORTAL for as long as it complies with the annual requirements of the state in which it is incorporated.

In this legal world the number one thing that most people do not understand is that you must write down what is taking place in a Corporation, this is the veil. In order to have a Corporate Veil you must have records, meetings, resolutions, etc. In this corporate world if you did not document IT, IT never happened. This is where most people run into to problems, they never write down what happened in the corporation. This is why we are against Corp Kits, the client is left sitting at his or her desk trying to figure out how to fill the stupid thing out, and most of the time never getting them done. Let the experts take care of this for you. This would be us; concentrate on what you do best which is to make money.



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