The Last Piece in the Incorporating Puzzle

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DBA $75.00

  • We obtain DBA’s from Douglas County Clerk’s Office
  • We act as an Assistant Secretary in order to sign for the DBA

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$50.00 Operating Agreement or Bylaws

    Our Operating Agreement, for LLC’s, and Bylaws, for Corporations, are in a word format. In an Organizational Interview we will take the information on the entity structure, which will be put into the document. Our Operating Agreement is a Manager Managed Management structure. These are customized documents to reflex your individual needs.

    **Please call more information 775-629-4064

    Bookkeeping Service

    • We charge $50.00 an hour or monthly.
    • There is a onetime $150 set up fee.
    • We provide Basic Bookkeeping Service through QuickBooks .
    • The Client provides Bank Statement and Credit Card Statements.
    • We input them into Quick Books and itemize the charges.
    • We provide P&L and Standard Balance Report at the end of the year, for your CPA.
    • We do not do Taxes

      **Please call more information 775-629-4064



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